KARAPATAKIS PAVLIDES LLC can advise on all matters concerning European Competition Law. This department has the adequate knowledge and experience in all the areas of European Competition Law resulting from articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty of Rome. Some of the areas in which our department specialises are : ABUSE OF DOMINANT POSITION (Art 82) in: Unfairly high or low pricing Predatory Pricing Price Discrimination Discount and Rebates Schemes Tying Refusal to supply Mergers LEGAL ADVICE ON ANTI-COMPETITIVE AGREEMENTS(Art 81) Concerted Practices Horizontal Agreements Vertical Agreements
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KARAPATAKIS PAVLIDES LLC has established an enviable reputation as a broad based legal practice and its areas of practice include among others corporate and general commercial law, local and international taxation, banking property, shipping, insurance, local and international arbitration, intellectual property, contractual drafting and negotiation of contracts.